Rise and Shine at Interview


You’re no doubt here because there’s a job you REALLY want. What would it be like to feel confident about going for a big interview?  

Maybe even excited about the opportunity to sell yourself.  Think that couldn’t possibly be you?  Think again.....

Are you hanging back even on applying, because you’re just not sure you’re ready, or good enough?  Well let’s sort one thing out. You have to apply – there’s no way in hell you’re getting the job if you don’t!  A man will with as little as 40% of the criteria, most women will hold off unless they feel they have 100%.  

Deep down you know you can do this, you ’re just experiencing a bit of imposter syndrome – and if what you’re feeling has an official name, that tells you you’re not alone.

I understand, I’ve had a couple of terrible experiences with interviews.  One particular one, where I completely froze, and then spent the rest of it feeling like someone had replaced my brain with cotton wool.  That incident threatened to scar me for life.  But being an ambitious soul, I wasn’t going to let that hold me back.  I’ve spent years crafting a process that will help anyone feel the self-assurance they need to go for it and even enjoy interviews.

Designing challenging recruitment processes and sitting in the interviewers seat, definitely gave me a lot of insight into what works and what doesn’t.  I’ve experienced with group assessments, technical assessments, presentations, case studies, role plays, and of course competency-based (or behavioural) interviews.  

I know what the recruiters are looking for, what they want to hear, and I know how to get you into the right place to deliver just that.

Generation Women’s Rise and Shine at Interview programme takes you step by step through the preparation and skills required to make sure that you give yourself the best chance to get the role you really want. Videos and workbooks clearly set out the tasks and tips you need to succeed.

This course would normally cost £150 but as a special offer Generation Women want to offer this course for £99. We are proud to offer this programme for this low price as we want more women to move to the next level and become as successful as they deserve to be, and inspire those around them. Ask yourself…”Do I want to get rejected for this role that I really really want?’  If you really want the job, you need to let Generation Women help give you the best chance.

Sinead Sharkey
Sinead Sharkey
Generation Women

About the instructor

Sinead is a Career Strategist and a Diversity and Inclusion Specialist who develops and supports women to achieve their career goals.

Taking 20 years' of corporate experience in coaching individual & team improvement, leadership development, and her background in Psychology, She has developed a process for helping women to RISE and SHINE in their careers and in leadership.

As an experienced cultural transformation practitioner and leadership development expert, She applies her experience and knowledge of industry and diversity into creating bespoke Diversity and Inclusion solutions for businesses looking to improve their gender imbalance and improve business results.


"I was introduced to Sinead by a friend and decided that I'd love to get some help from her. I'd had a difficult experience at work and it had really affected my confidence. The course is honestly the best thing I've ever invested in for my career!"

Maire Cahill

“I knew I needed help to give me the edge come interview time. The course made everything seem less daunting and gave me the skills I needed to control my nerves in an interview situation.”

Maria Prince

What's included?

14 Videos
5 PDFs

This is your chance to ace the interview and get the dream job that you deserve!  

Now is the time to make sure you succeed by signing up for Rise and Shine at Interview

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