Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to the Rise and Shine Programme

    • Welcome - how the programme works

    • What happens now?

  • 2

    S1 - Your 1:1 Goal Setting

    • S1 - Goal Setting Workbook

    • S1 - Setting outcomes

    • S1 - Personal Brand Diagnostic

    • S1 - Goal Setting

  • 3

    S2 - Setting Your Career Direction (foundations of brand)

    • Session 2 - Workbook Foundations of your brand

    • S2 - Welcome to Career Foundations

    • S2 - Identifying your Values

    • S2 - Defining Your Beliefs

    • S2 - Finding Your Purpose

    • S2 - Creating Your Vision

    • S2 - Video Transcripts: Values, Beliefs, Purpose, Vision

  • 4

    S 3 - Personal Brand

    • S3 - Workbook Personal Brand

    • S3 - Understanding Personal Brand

    • S3 - Defining Your Personal Brand

    • S3 - Building Your Personal Brand

    • S3a - Designing Your Dream Job

    • Video Transcripts - Personal Brand

  • 5

    S4 - Marketing Tools

    • S4 - Workbook Self Marketing Tools

    • S4 - Welcome to Self Marketing

    • S4 - Self Marketing - CV

    • S4 - Self Marketing - LinkedIn

    • S4 - Self Marketing - Elevator Pitch

  • 6

    S5 - Profile Building Strategy

    • S5 - Workbook Profile Building Strategy

    • Welcome to Profile Building Week

    • Internal Profile Building

    • External Profile Building

    • Video Transcripts - Profile Building (Internal and External)

  • 7

    S6 - Networking Strategy

    • Are you a Giver or a Taker? - Adam Grant Ted Talk

    • S6 - Workbook Networking Strategy

  • 8

    S7 - Rise and Shine at Interview - as per separate course

    • Rise and Shine at Interview Workbook Part 1 - Introduction

    • Welcome to Rise and Shine at Interview

    • Getting Your Job Application Right

    • Mapping your career story

    • Understanding the job you are applying for

    • CV - Rise and Shine at Interview Workbook Part 2

    • CV Basics

    • CV General Tips

    • CV Skills Traits and Experience

    • CV Writing your profile

    • Interview Preparation - Copy of Rise and Shine at Interview Workbook Part 3

    • Interview Prep - Job Discovery

    • Interview Prep - Rehearsal

    • Interview Prep - STARRT Examples

    • Interview Performance - Confidence Techniques

  • 9

    S8 - Communication and Influencing Strategy

    • S8 - Workbook Communication and Influence

    • Communication and Influence Part 1

    • Communication and Influence Part 2 - Values and Traits

    • Communication and Influence Part 3 - Principles

    • The Power of Words

    • Communication and Influence Part 4 - Language

    • Communication and Influence Part 5 - Tools

  • 10

    S9 - Goal Setting for the future

    • S9 Workbook - Career Breakthrough


Sinead Sharkey

Generation Women

Sinead Sharkey-Steenson is the Founder and Director of Generation Women and is an experienced Senior Leadership and Development Coach, Facilitator, and Motivational Speaker. Generation Women is dedicated to facilitating the development of women to achieve greatness in business. Sinead draws on over 20 years of corporate experience in HR, Leadership Development, Business Improvement, and Cultural Transformation. She has worked with over 3,000 women and developed and delivered transformational diversity and inclusion programmes for multiple global organisations including; Sensata, Citi, Deloitte, and Lean In. She holds a degree in Psychology, MSc in Human Resource Management, MSc in Computing and Information Systems, is an NLP Master Practitioner, and an ICF Certified Coach.


“I knew I needed direction but never thought that 3 months of this programme would develop me as much as it has. I not only enjoyed every minute but I learned loads. There's so much more to career guidance/design than a solid cv and an attractive Linked-In page. Just do it, you will not regret it! It's time and energy well spent. Thanks a mil Sinead. You're an asset to any woman/organisation. #legend ”

Roisin Thurstan

“I love my life again! Forget ‘The Secret’, through Sinead’s holistic approach she distils complex situations into simple, applicable strategies that make you feel like the universe is providing for you! Sinead has given me the confidence and clarity to know I can achieve anything I focus on”

Nuala McMenamin

“A structured programme that has helped me recognize my potential, be reminded of my experience, confidently build my story and my personal brand”

Elaine Ditty